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Our Technical Analyst Ivica Juracic provides Trade Alerts with clear Entry and Exit instructions in new Live Chat Room... also there is a new Discussion Board where You can see his chart analysis and ask questions regarding stock You are interested.


Ivica Juracic is Technical Analyst and founder of He has been sharing his skills with hundreds of traders of every skill level since 2001. His method is simplicity, low risk, and consistently profitable. His system is based on an emphasis on simple, yet reliable technical signals.



"I like Ivica's trading style because it matches mine. Ivica thou roughly analyzes stocks top down, looking at multiple time frames and technical patterns to only pick the best recommendations for both day trading and swing trading, with the best risk/reward ratio. I like it that the risk is very well defined before placing the trade. The educational aspect of his work is also invaluable. There's a lot to learn from Ivica. Keep up the good work!" Nimic

"I have been trading for over 5 years. I am continually impressed by Ivica's understanding of the market. He provides low risk and extremely profitable trading opportunities. His watch list is always concise and includes an overview of the market as well as very specific set ups. Each stock call is well charted and easy to understand. Both the novice and the more seasoned trader will profit from his market savvy. Ivica is a true professional and will always take the time to answer any questions that might arise. I have learned a great deal from him." Debbie Groll

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