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Dear traders,

I tried to explain my feelings about market action last two days in the room and I will try again. Now, when it is over is very clear that I missed market run up, on strong daily pace, especially for QQQ. We can see now that some stock bounced very nice. My problem is already extended weekly and monthly charts and it is really hard to determine where will be top. That is the main reason why I missed that run. It is not first time that I missed market move and that is all part of trading. It is more important not to push things and go against market because that can hurt. I was trying with PYPL and obviously now, that was wrong, but on the other side long trades cover that. Since I didn’t feel that market up action, I decided to be calm and patient and result is that I missed market move, but I don’t have negative score because of that. Market is still here and always will be new action so for me main occupation is to protect account.  I bought one higher risk long trade possibility; also I brought long and short list. I will follow them after market opens, but I will see if will be trading plan what I will like. There are situations when I really like pattern what I see, but I don’t trust to market and I just leave trade possibility. I think that is very important that I feel good in trade what I will take. If I have suspicion that is not good, then I’m not calm and my decisions are not good. I learned that it is important to have really clear head and that is what I’m trying to do. That psychological part is very important part of trading. I truly hope that make sense and that I explained that well.


OLED - long trade 

Trading plan:

Entry price: $182.60

Stop price: for members

Target area: for members

Type: for members


LONG possibilities



SHORT possibilities




Wish you all good trading



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