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Trading ideas 



Dear members,

I found several interesting possibilities for today, for both directions. But honestly I don’t trust to market moment and that is main reason why I didn’t brought trading plan in this column.  Because of that I’m sending list for long and short side. I will wait at the open, best will be at least 15 min and minimum will be first 5 min. I like to see open action first and I don’t want just jump right after open. Maybe financials will continue with selling pressure after yesterday consolidation day, but at this moment it is to risky for me to take any of the right after open. I like MLM daily flag odds, or HRL daily bounce odds, BLL daily cup and handle possibility, or STE breakup and continuation to new highs. Or GS, PRU, LNC selling continuation, STLD daily bear flag continuation. Many possibilities, but somehow I wile to see open action first. I hope that is understandable. All trading plans first will be in live trading room and as soon as possible I will send them over email.  


Day - swing trade corner 


LONG possibilities 




9:40-- ivica: UIS long at 6.73, stop at 7.50


SHORT possibilities




9:39-- ivica: STLD short at 33.90, stop at 34.50


9:43-- ivica: GS short at 217.50, stop at 220





Wish you all good trading



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